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3 Axis Advisors is an elite, highly-specialized consultancy that partners with private and government sector organizations to solve complex, systemic problems and propel industry reform through data-driven advocacy. With a primary focus on identifying and analyzing U.S. drug supply chain inefficiencies and cost drivers, we offer unparalleled expertise in project design, data aggregation and analysis, government affairs and media relations.

3 Axis Advisors arms clients with independent data analysis needed to spur change and innovation within their respective industries. Our team was instrumental in exposing the drug pricing distortions and supply chain inefficiencies embedded in Ohio’s Medicaid managed care program. We are also the co-founders of 46brooklyn Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the transparency and accessibility of drug pricing data for the American public.


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Drug Middlemen Got Hefty Markup in New York, Pharmacy Group Says

by Robert Langreth

- Bloomberg -

“Middlemen are taking an increasing share of the margin on generic drugs in New York, said Eric Pachman, a consultant at 3 Axis Advisors and former pharmacy executive who conducted the study.”

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Report: Analysis of PBM Spread Pricing in New York Medicaid Managed Care (January 2019)

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